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Q код


       Q: 	Какво е името на вашата станция?
       A: 	Името на станцията ми е ...


       Q: 	Колко далече сте от мен?
       A: 	Разстоянието между нашите станции е ... мили (или km).


       Q: 	Ще ми кажете ли точната ми честота (или честотата на ...)?
       A: 	Вашата точна честота (или честотата на ...) е ... kHz (или MHz).

QRH Q: Пълзи ли моята честота на предаване?

       A: 	Вашата честота пълзи на предаване.

QRI Q: Как е тона на моето предаване?

       A: 	Тона на вашето предаване е ... (1: добър, 2: променлив, 3: лош).

QRK Q: What is the intelligibility of my signal (or the one of ...)?

A: The intelligibility of your signal (or the one of ...) is ... (1: bad .. 5: excellent).

QRL Q: Are you busy?

A: I am busy (or I am busy with ...). Please do not interfere.

QRM Q: Are you being interfered with?

A: I am being interfered with.

QRN Q: Are you troubled by noise?

A: I am troubled by noise.

QRO Q: Shall I increase transmit power?

A: Please increase transmit power.

QRP Q: Shall I decrease transmit power?

A: Please decrease transmit power.

QRQ Q: Shall I send faster?

A: Please send faster (... words per minute).

QRS Q: Shall I send more slowly?

A: Please send more slowly (... words per minute).

QRT Q: Shall I stop sending?

A: Please stop sending.

QRU Q: Have you anything for me?

A: I have nothing for you.

QRV Q: Are you ready?

A: I am ready.

QRX Q: When will you call me again?

A: I will call you again at ... hours (on ... kHz (or MHz)).

QRZ Q: Who is calling me?

A: You are being called by ... (on ... kHz (or MHz)).

QSA Q: What is the strength of my signal (or the one of ...)?

A: The strength of your signal (or the one of ...) is (1: very weak .. 5: very strong).

QSB Q: Is my signal fading?

A: Your signal is fading.

QSD Q: Is my keying defective?

A: Your keying is defective.

QSK Q: Can you hear me between your signals, and if so can I break in on your transmission?

A: I can hear you between my signals; break in on my transmission.

QSL Q: Can you acknowledge receipt?

A: I am acknowledging receipt.

QSM Q: Shall I repeat the last telegram which I sent you (or some previous telegram)?

A: Repeat the last telegram which you sent me (or telegram(s) number(s) ...).

QSN Q: Did you hear me (or ...) on ... kHz (or MHz)?

A: I heard you (or ...) on ... kHz (or MHz).

QSO Q: Can you communicate with ...?

A: I can communicate with ...

QSP Q: Will you relay to ...?

A: I will relay to ...

QSS Q: What working frequency will you use?

A: I will use ... kHz (or MHz).

QSU Q: Shall I send or reply on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))?

A: Please send or reply on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz)).

QSV Q: Shall I send a series of "V" on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))?

A: Please send a series of "V" on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz)).

QSX Q: Will you listen to ... on ... kHz (or MHz)?

A: I am listening to ... on ... kHz (or MHz).

QSY Q: Shall I change transmission frequency (to ... kHz (or MHz))?

A: Please change transmission frequency (to ... kHz (or MHz)).

QSZ Q: Shall I repeat each word (or group) several times?

A: Please repeat each word (or group) several times.

QTC Q: How many telegrams have you to send?

A: I have ... telegrams for you (or for ...).

QTH Q: What is your position (in latitude and longitude)?

A: My position is (... latitude, ... longitude).

QTR Q: What is the correct time?

A: The correct time is ... hours.